Thursday, November 3, 2011

Powers of Creation - Latex Laced Suit Bi-colour

A fun discounted outfit from POC and an enthusiastic new store manager (hello Pandora!) led to this neat group pic :)

Featured along with us are GabbyCross Resident (far left) and Naterifari Piranha (between lelo and me) wearing respectively the red trimmed Bi-Colour and the black, while lelo is in her usual blood and I’m wearing violet.

Long and short sleeved tops are included - I like the short glove look, it’s a fun change. The laced panels show a bit of skin, but not too much.

The discounted item spot is on the wall facing the entrance, at the left of the models. Watch for frequent changes.

The discount is only until next weekend (that is, November 12) so don’t wait!

I’m slipping in a vendor pic for the newest release, Open Invitation. If you like big portholes, that one is for you ;)

Next to the fact that you get a nice discount on this catsuit, you also get 2 color options, the main color with black or black with the main color.

There are two top options, a tank top as show by Mistress and the full top as shown by the girls and me.

You also get a pair of short socks and gloves in the main color and the standard black.

As you might expect you get all the layers, and they are copy so you can use this one in as many outfits as you like.

Now run over to POC and get all the colors while the offer lasts.

Name : Powers of Creation
Owner : Kai Heideman, Thoto Beerbaum


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