Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tapi - Pacifier and Plug

Some fun toys from Tapi tonight which used to be banned in Texas ;) They’re not new so I won’t say “introducing” ;)

Ok, ok, be serious, Deirdre. The Pacifier and the Butt Plug, from Tapi, modeled here by my sweetie. I think she mumbled something, but I cleverly put the Pacifier in first.

The funny tags set these toys apart from similar ones. If you can’t have a chuckle about kinky sex, what can you laugh about, eh?

There are RLV and non-RLV versions of the toys - non-RLV being cheaper. If you only want the look and not the functions, that’s the way to go.

All Tapi toys are available in black, red, blue, purple or pink, along with a fatpack of all the colors.

Make sure you have a peek from outside at Tapi’s fun skybox store.. we’ve seen a *lot* of stores, and that one’s a first :)

Ok, it’s time for a new toy designer, somehow this toy caught my eye while having a silent wait at Bondage Ranch.

Or better the fun little tag on it caught my eye and the tag is what makes this one stand out from the rest.

You get a choice of over 50 tags, which we won’t put here because that would certainly force us to become an adult rated blog.

Both offer a lock, owner, timer and public/private setting all supporting RLV and the Pacifier also can mumble chat and block IM, as you might expect from a pacifier.

The fun with these is that when set to the expose setting everyone can change the text on the tag, so happy hunting *winks*

Name : Tapi
Owner : Tapi Karu


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