Monday, December 5, 2011

Adult Hub - Freebie Store

Kat Fetisov was telling us about a very cool project in which she was invited to participate : freebies from a good number of good bondage and fetish stores made available at the Adult Hub.

Seems Jenniferz Vita is behind the project - thank you Jen!

Here’s a quick list of things we saw there tonight. I have a feeling this will go up and change, so do drop by, or bring new residents who don’t have too much cash.

Jennifer’s Jewelry - Jennie’s RLV HUD & Evil Voice-over
PoC - Latex
Kcreation - full latex outfit
Restrained Freedom - Assorted restraints
Cozy Chaotics - settin’ stump le
Cool Products - assorted cool products, no pun intended... well yes just a bit *winks*
Chorazin Creations - Airlock cage
RLV Fireworks
Hybridz - stocking rustle
Bondage Witch Project - Metal cuffs

near the water:
Thinkink - Free tkPBA
Dark Elf Manufacture - cuff set.
The Velvet Thorn - Fire Brigade outfit

It’s a dangerous walk, though.. if you keep going you land in the mall ;)

And speaking of freebies, here's a fun note from Salid Sewell, of KaS :

Yay - tomorrow is St. Nicholas Day...
Monday, 05 Dec 2011 20:57:44 GMT

...and we have the tradition here, that on 6th December, St. Nicholas surprises people with small presents.

My gut feeling says, it might be a good idea to stop by at between 6th December 6.00am and 7th December 6.00am (SL-times).

If you spot a gift-box, it's probably for you.

Salid Sewell

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  1. A lot of good items to be gathered for sure, loved the POC gifts:)