Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hugo's Design - Xyx Belly, Xyx Bikini and Sansa

So Erik has apparently given up on sleep, and is producing cool new outfits at furious rate : in the last two weeks, we received Xyx Bikini and Xyx Belly, and a new outfit not in the Xyx line, called Sansa. (I have Belly and lelo Bikini in the first pic.)

Xyx Belly has a cool shoulder-yoke top, and lots of garters to hold up gloves and stockings.

There’s a tiny tiny bikini that is going straight into my swimsuit wardrobe - we get a few nice stares at Bora Bora ;)

Sansa has a lot more color than the Xyx line, where color is mostly highlights on black. The central body can be covered pretty effectively by colored parts.

There are both chaps and pants included in the outfit - the difference being the size of the rear cutout. Now call me crazy but I like my *pants* without cutouts.. I must be old ;)

By the way, don’t miss Hugo’s upcoming fashion show and party, Friday December 16th at 12PM SLT. (I’m Eastern time, so I won’t be able to attend, sadly.)

The last two instalments of the Xyx saga, at least that’s what Bianca promises and as proof we can show you Sansa.

The Xyx belly has a great cutouts to show of your well trained belly, the same cutout can be found on the back of the outfit, so quite some skin showing.

The Xyx bikini shows even more skin and when worn in yellow like i’m wearing here its like an add for body glove swimwear.

The Sansa is based around a black body which is cut with a very sharp knife, leaving little latex in place, but still covering all the naughty bits.

All outfits come with lovely textures stockings and gloves.

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo


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