Friday, December 2, 2011

Marketplace Freebies

Deirdre and lelo here, with some tips for aspiring ponygirls tonight!

You may already know about the free pony kit Jo Ronin compiled and made available here :

Well tonight we’ll give you, through the magic of searching on Marketplace, a few other cool freebies and cheapies.

This full avatar with tack and prim clothing is modeled here by lelo :

Full avatars are fun if you want a pair (or more!) of matched ponies pulling your cart :)

Here’s another, with the accompanying note :

“It's free to get, free to distribute (not for profit, however), and free to use.
You're very welcome to tip, if you so wish. You can simply tip Kessalta Blackburn or you can go to Castle Woodget (very Adult sim) and tip towards the running of the sim as a thank you for hosting Open Play products.”

And if you feel a ponygirl is not a ponygirl without a tail, here’s a cheapie :

While we support malls and stores (as *they* support the places we love), Marketplace is fairly convenient to search quickly.

Have fun!

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