Tuesday, January 24, 2012

AW Designs - Vervetki Boots

A very fancy pair of transformer boots from AW Designs, these are the Vervetki.

Lelo would find black ballet boots in a cavern with midnight lighting on, and she immediately spotted these when we swung by Latexia.

I said, sure, sweetie, let’s get you a pair.. but, aha! They also transform into a very elegant pair of high heeled boots.

A distinctive fold above the ankle strap and the two-part upper design mark the Vervetki as one of the fancier fetish boots we’ve seen in a while.

The cool prim elements on the foot, like the little chain and rings under the heel carry over from one version to the other.

You can color darn near every part of these boots, resulting in two-color vertical splits if you like.

That’s more adventurous than conservative little old moi really likes, so I went for the lovely Venetian red all over. Which, not coincidentally, matched the Xonirated outfit from AW very nicely ;)

The boots are fully resizeable, you’ll be pleased to hear. The script is only in the right one - I started adjusting sizes manually before noticing that.

This is not an inexpensive item, but when you consider most stores sell other colors as other items, you’ll see this is in fact a bargain.

And don't forget to visit Adrina's blog : http://www.awdesign.se

Yes i know i’m a ballet boot junkie, but hé there are worse addictions. *smiles*

The boots come with a pretty elaborate menu that is controlled from the right boot only.

First on the list is the appearance, containing a good working resizer, shininess, colour and if you want to change the left, the right or both boots.

The coloring can be done by selecting the two halves and selecting a color for each or you can select one of 8 separate parts, hows that for choice.

The next option in the menu lets you select if you want to wear a ballet or a more comfortable style of boot.

Next come the RLV options, including an operators, sounds so much more elegant than owner, selector and a lock and fly/run restriction.

Lastly you will find 3 buttons sending you to her website, online help and a in world help note.

So go get these lovely boots before everyone is wearing them, you get 21 colors in one boot and that’s not counting the mix options.

Name : AW Designs
Owner : Adrina Welders
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deaths%20Head/40/230/36


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