Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Marianne's Boutique - Estelle Red

We love Marianne’s reds - last time we featured her (November 2010, where does the time go?) was Paprika.

Estelle is a complete outfit, boots included. The whole thing is no copy no mod yes trans - buy it as a gift or pass it on to a new resident in six months, as you wish.

The boots look good with the dark decorative straps, but they use invisiprims to ensure leg fit.

This is where a mod-copy-no trans version would be more interesting - I do like to fiddle - but it’s the one or the other, I’m not complaining.

Some clever tattoos provide a bit of modesty up top, as this is a wide-open catsuit.

An inexpensive, excellent quality outfit once again from Marianne’s. Drop by the Rubber Room if you want to catch her DJ sets, and tell her Deirdre sent you!

Don’t unpack Estelle inside, or you will damage your ceiling for sure. *winks*

The outfit comes with a good looking tattoo layer tattoo, guess that’s how they came up with that name.

The catsuit comes in top and pants layer only and you also get some underwear pasties for the shy at heart.

Finally there are the lovely belted boots, which still use invisi prims but as they are used separately you can always use an alpha layer to hide your feet.

So if you are looking for a sexy catsuit, look no further you found it.. ohh, for now there is only a red version, but as she names the color there is hope for more great colors.

Name : Marianne's Boutique
Owner : Marianne Breguet


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