Monday, January 30, 2012

Bax Coen Design - Prestige Boots Latex

We’d call this post “hot off the press” for any other designer, as they came out Saturday, but the whole world probably knows about Bax’s latest release, the latex Prestige boots.

As if that’s going to stop us ;)

The Prestige boots have been my favorites from way back, and while we’ve used the patent ankle version with many a latex outfit, this new version is going at the top of my shelf for future photo shoots.

The texture, as with other Bax models, is perfect. The shine and folds suggest thin latex and the boots look stunning from near or far.

The colors are quite varied and should match all outfits save the most psychedelic (hey, here’s a thought : zebra latex!).

And speaking of the sixties, the black boots include a black-and-white vertical split design which is fun and distinctive.

Bax herself told me the colors should match Hugo’s, and the Ghost White matches Elixir’s.

In fact, if you drop by the store, you may recognize the Elixir latex raincoat we featured some time back.

The awesome fitting system is still present in this version, so I was able to paste the cool cryptic string that represents the painstaking fitting session I received at the store from a helpful Bax associate.

The price is not low, but is absolutely fair for the quality of work and generous variety of colors you get in each box. And face it, we’ve all paid more for less fantastic footwear.

Bax took her designs into the realm of fetish by making her already famous Prestige boots in latex.

As you might expect the texture is perfect and she smartly took the Hugo colors as her base.

There are 4 color groups each giving you a few color:

- Candy gives you: blue, purple, pink and baby pink.
- Black gives you: black, black & white and a slightly less shiny black
- Red gives you: Venetian, maroon and blood.
- White finally gives you: white, ivory and ghost.

So go for the Candy, that way you get the most bang for your buck and everyone will be wearing black. *winks*

Next to the main color you can customize almost every bit of the boots.

You can also play with the sleeves of the boots, where i wear them up, Mistress doesn’t wear them at all, you also get a left over of the fashion boots, denim sleeves.. *shudders*

The boots have been upgraded to feature the old invisi-prims or the alpha layer, this upgrade is also available for the older leather versions of the boot, updating is painless and fitting the new boots is easy with the most amazing fitting system in SL.

So get them while they are hot.. i know you want them.

Name : Bax Coen Design
Owner : Bax Coen


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