Tuesday, January 31, 2012

KDC - Paw Mittens

Some heavy leather restraints for a change : these are the KDC Paw Mittens.

Those thick leather pads should convey a good bondage feeling to your pet.

The leather textures and seams look great, and this is a great example of using mesh and prims together to best effect.

Mesh and alpha means these are not suited to v1 users; as more and more cool toys start using the new features, it will become harder to hold back.

The second pic shows the back of the paw, and the inside part with toe pads.. just so you don’t go thinking lelo sprained something really badly, those are two pictures ;)

You can see Kyra's awesome documentation here :

So lay your paws on some good puppy AO, and you’ll be all set!

Here’s another mesh product from our friends at KDC, waves at Kyrah.

These mittens feature a lot of the things i love about KDC’s products.

First there is the great quality of the design, just that a look at the stitching on them.

Then there is her leather textures, especially the orthopedic, shown in the close up is one of the best i’ve seen in SL yet.

You get a choice of 10 colors for the glove and strap and 7 colors for the metal parts.

Finally there is the TouchBound locking system, arguably the most intuitive locking system in SL. i love it, just point and lock, you can’t get it any easier.

Ohh and when you get your paws, take some time to unpack them, the opening of the package is another little work of art... enjoy..

Name : KDC
Owner : Kyrah Abattoir


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