Friday, January 27, 2012

Why are the old pics so small?

If you use our blog as a reference - which is totally our intention - it’s possible that while looking up something, you’re going to pre-January 2012 posts and clicking on pictures to zoom.

Instead of the gorgeous large snaps we’ve gotten you accustomed to when you try to zoom, you are now seeing pictures that are only 512 pixels high.

Still far from shabby, but what happened, you ask?


Blogger changed some things recently. Mostly for the better, I have to admit : the Lightbox way of looking at a posts’ pictures is pretty nice.

But the pictures we upload in Picasaweb are displayed with a link that contains the picture size parameter : /s400/imagename.jpg is the thumbnail, and /s1600/imagename.jpg is full size.

Now what *used* to happen was, a picture with the /s1600/ parameter was *not* resizeable. So you couldn’t see the real size we had snapped, but saw a fixed height.

Removing the /s1600/ was therefore a clever trick (us webgoddesses have our ways!) for a number of years.

But no longer. Since the new updates, a picture displayed without the size parameter shows at a fixed size : 512 pixels high.

So the clever removal of said parameter - for the last 800 posts or so - is shooting us cleverly in the foot.

We’ll slowly go back and fix the pics; it’s an easy if slightly tedious thing to do.

But in the meantime, if you want to see a pic closer, open it in a separate window and add /s1600/ in front of the picture name, and it will appear at the size we intended.

Direct as many angry letters to Google as you want. Please.

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