Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Morgan Fenwitch - DIY Mesh Catsuit

We met Morgan at Rubber Room last week, and her catsuit really impressed me.

A closer look revealed the reason : it was a mesh catsuit!

I immediately pounced, and she was nice enough to tell me about it... and allow me to drag her to the studio for an impromptu shoot :)

First, forget running to a store (as I did), because she made it herself. It’s custom-fitted to her shape, and she’s not taking orders.

Morgan said two things : “It’s actually not too hard to make a suit like this.” and “Blender makes it easy with wrapping and subdividing modifiers, but you do need to have avatar mesh to wrap to.”

Well. I think I understood the first.

So drop your modifiers in the blender and get creating :)

1 comment:

  1. I really wanted to make something tight fitting that shows my figure nicely and also show reflection effect that is not doable with ordinary sl clothing. I think the second thing i said is to mean that blender tools can automate a lot of things that go to making a mesh suit like the one i'm wearing, but the result will fit only the avatar shape that was used as a template.