Thursday, January 26, 2012

Naughty N Nice - After Hours

We first noticed the After Hours booties at Naughty N Nice’s Rubber Room mall shop, then looking closer, saw the cool matching outfit, which turned out to be just as well-designed as the boots themselves.

While they look a little Lady Gaga-esque to me, (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) they cried mama to lelo, and so here we are featuring them.

The heel-less design is somewhat reminiscent of pony gear, but this is clearly a fashion boot. I love the little knotted laces and jewelry hanging from the buckle.

The shine is excellent, matching the skirt perfectly. The price is also quite reasonable. I’d say run to the store, but careful not to run on the way back ;)

After Hours is sold in 3 separate parts, the lovely boots, the shown miniskirt outfit and a pants suit in the same style.

You get a choice of the white or a sheer blouse and we know you love our little hearts but we have a limited supply so we went for the solid white blouse.

The blouse has a prim collar and lovely prim sleeves, where the skirt comes with the prim inserts i love on these short cloth-layer skirts, there are also laces for the corset.

All the prim parts have their own resizer script built in for ease of fitting, though i only had to move the collar slightly, ohh and there is an easy script delete option.

And then there are the boots, the thing that caught my eye in the first place, yes i do see boots that aren’t ballets. *winks*

The heel or better the lack of heel is great, i just love off the wall designs like this.

They fitted me instantly, just needed to pull them up a bit to show all of that lovely “heel”, but if you want to adjust them, there is a lovely HUD with a resizer.

So if you are looking for a sexy little outfit for that perfect first date with a kinky twist, this is what you should go for... at least i would, full latex, ballet heels, chastity, collar, tight corset might give the wrong first impression.

Name : Naughty N Nice
Owner : Nikita Lightfoot


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