Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lady Anne's - Yes, Mistress

“Yes Mistress” by Lady Anne is a pair of matched (although sold separately) outfits, one for the domme, one for the slave girl.

The domme version comes with a quite a number of interesting parts.

Four tattoo skins provide a full latex catsuit with varied face options : open eyes and mouth (worn here), open-face hood, eyes only, and full coverage. The face shown is a winter pale skin.

If you like the mistress-doll look, you’ll find some latex “hair” to complement your hood. A prim latex mini-skirt is also included.

Very good knee-high buckled boots (v1-friendly with full invisi prims), an underbust corset, garter belt, gloves and stockings.. even without the skin you’ll be dressed to impress.

Not enough? How about a 26-prim shiny black strapon, and some anatomically correct “underwear”? How about all that for 199L$ ? ;)

This is a generous kit for any beginner domme - just add a whip and you’re there.

The “girl version” of Yes, Mistress, i’m wearing uses the layer system of SL as it was intended.

The underwear layer gives you a brownish, chocolaty, colored catsuit, with sheer panels in the right places.

The pants/shirt layer add some modesty cloth strips and the jacket layer adds an nice chest harness.

Anne kindly added the best freebie bondage gear by Dari’s haus to the girl version of the kit, making it an instant bondage bunny dream.

Finally there are the boots which bind the Domme and girl version together, aka they are the same. *winks*

Name : Lady Anne's Latex Emporium
Owner : Anne Chaminade Royce-Harker


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