Monday, February 20, 2012

CorinS Fashion - BossHoss and Catwoman

We hadn’t visited Corin’s in a while - a dangerous thing ;) The store changed layouts in the few months since our last post.

And as usual, Corin’s been busy making nice new outfits. I’m wearing BossHoss, an awesome latex cowgirl look built around Corin’s awesome latex jacket.

There are resizer scripts in all the prims and they’re easy enough - one is the usual 1%, 5% and so on, the other (in the hat, for example) is bigger +, bigger ++ .. you shouldn’t get too confused ;)

The chaps look more like a garter belt and stockings set to me, but let’s face it, we’re not really worried about the wind or horsehide burns in SL.

If a ponytail looks suitably western to you with the hat, it’s Sirena’s excellent Denna hair I’m wearing in the second pic. (Making sure you can see the outfits we model dictates more than a few of my hair choices.)

The BossHoss Latex Set I’m wearing here comes in black, but the jacket is available in black, blue, purple, red, pink and white.

*sits on a moon lit rooftop and licks her paw, purring softly*

Oops, this outfit really puts you in a cat's mood, well it does with me.

After some time unboxing and sorting through the new folders you can start wearing this lovely outfit.

All you need to add are some good looking boots, but all the rest is included.

First of all you will find the lovely catmask with it’s prim ears. Next to the prim ears you will also get a prim belt, a whip and pointy nails in 3 sizes.

In the cloth layer department you will find a bra, panties, a breast harness, pasties and legging, all in most available layers.

Corin also includes the Peidra semi transparent smoky catsuit in the set, just in case you want to show some more tanned skin.

This might not be our first catwoman but with the nails and all the options, it's one of the best till now.

Name : CorinS Fashion
Owner : Corin Serenity


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