Friday, February 17, 2012

List of blogs is no go

Well, the poll results are in: 73 in favor, 10 against.

I think the list of SL blogs will go in that huge bin of cool-but-not-quite-enough projects.

But all is not lost! Kitty Lalonde was kind enough to point us to an existing - and quite big and comprehensive - SL blog list : Blogging Second Life

The blogs are separated in lists by topics, with a large sub-section of stores and creator lists.

This is a huge undertaking, as I had imagined, and quite a few people are working on it.

I was lucky enough to catch Cajsa Lilliehook and Evelyn Hartshon, two of the prime movers of Blogging SL in-world, and bounced some of my ideas (searching and sorting and so on) off of them (bonk!).

To sum up, yeah it might be cool, but there hasn’t been a lot of demand.

Also, we learned something interesting. Many fashion blogs don’t directly highlight one outfit as we do, but rather build whole looks from varied items - “look of the day”, Cajsa called it.

Well, I say “learned” and I should really say “were reminded”. When we were on the fashion feeds, I did notice that many posts were of that kind.

So. A difficult project, low demand.. while I agree with the people who think it would be a cool thing to have, I think it would be too much work to make.

We’ll find something else cool and interesting to fill our second lives.. stay tuned ;)

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