Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NV Corsetry - Envy and Ordained

We saw a notice go by a few weeks back with our old friend Lexie’s name on it, mentioning a new corset store, NV.

We dropped by the elegant, classy store and were pleased to meet the owner. We had a fun chat at his workshop, and were invited to pick a few items for review.

The gorgeous black leather of Ordained immediately caught my eye; this is some of the best leather textures (yes, more than one) on a prim item I have ever seen. In fact, here's a closeup.

Fitting any prim corset in SL is a challenge, but the script included in the NV definitely make things a lot easier.

I’m wearing the full Ordained outfit here, nice top and shrug with prim cuffs, plus good pants (they had cuffs too but they displaced my Prestige.. capital sin!).

This is a very promising store by an experienced designer.. we’ll definitely keep an eye open for the new developments.

Another name joins the ranks of corset makers in SL, Khurt is going to try and surpass Rosal, good luck, competition is always good for quality.

The texture on these corsets is very good, but they do suffer the usual problems you get with prim corsets.

On the upside these corsets come with one of the best sizing options yet, you can re-size every direction at once or do it by the separate axis.

And when you have found your perfect fit you can save it for later use, how's that for ease of use.

We went for the full outfits, adding in the case of Envy some great boudoir style underwear and to finish your burlesque look you get a nice prim skirt.

Ohh, almost forgot this part, but his "wear this to unpack" bag is a stroke of genius.

Name : NV Corsetry
Owner : Khurt Vhargon


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