Monday, February 27, 2012

DS Tech - Rubber Puppy

We got a call from Taenil Auxifur, the general manager of DS Tech, inviting us to visit the store and review their new Rubber Puppy avatar.

Taenil is a friend of Aria Warden, our fellow blogger (and new friend) at Restrained Reviews, so it was with pleasure that we accepted the invitation.

The DS Tech Rubber Puppy takes root in Alexie Birman’s K9 gear, which she open-sourced when she closed shop two years ago.

That said, some serious work is added to the original package. While the original was an ear and muzzle set, the DS Tech head is a full hood, with only eye slits.

This is intended to reflect the reduced view the puppy gets through a detailed puppy-play HUD.

The detailed owner’s manual is a must-read to understand some of the unique features of this avatar.

One striking example is the word command system : the puppy learns verbal commands which, once learned, unlock extra features.

This is a new item, and features and accessories are being developed as we speak. DS Tech is definitely a store to keep an eye on.

Ok it’s high time we did some puppy play again, so Taenil’s call came just in time.

The outfit looks good, even if it’s a bit black on black, but as usual the real beauty comes from within.

And within means the scripting this time, the owner has two forms of control, the usual collar click commands, including the usual lock, timer and leash stuff, but also some play things like toys and treats.

The second way is the more “normal” way : by voice commands, and here the fun and in-depth role playing starts, you have to train the pup to understand human, which will take some time so better prepare for that.

At first the pup will only get meaningless periods and comma’s, but over time 20 commands can be taught to the pup.

The pup itself has a rather amazing HUD to control it’s contact with the outside world, it can bark, sniff, emote... all with a simple touch of a HUD button.

The pup also has to work on it’s stamina or the eyelids in the HUD will close after some playtime, which only a good sleep can restore.

This is one of the most realistic puppy simulators i’ve seen yet. Be warned, this is full immersion puppy play.

Ohh and you will love to hear that more additions to the world of the DS Tech puppy is on it’s way, happy playing.

Name : DS Tech
Owner : Adara Firecaster and Devika Selona


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