Thursday, February 16, 2012

Powers of Creation - Nurse Florence

"Doctor Doctor, gimme the news I got a
"Bad case of lovin' you
"No pill's gonna cure my ill I got a
"Bad case of lovin' you
Robert Palmer, “Bad Case of Lovin’ you”

I had this in my closet for some weeks now, but it’s still in the “New” area at POC so we’re good ;)

This versatile outfit is Nurse Florence, by Powers of Creation. It’s available in Blood (the color!), pink, white, and a very good medical green.

I am pretty impressed by the number of versions of this little dress. There are no less than six different tops! Closed (worn here), then one, two, three, four buttons undone, and an eye-popping “too tight”. All of these in all three top layers.

But it’s not just the top. There’s a panty-revealing “too tight” bottom, a closed, and a version to wear with the skirt prim-part.

Speaking of which, that accessory has the first double-click menu I’ve ever seen in SL. Don’t say mama Deirdre never gave you good info :)

Add some white or contrasting heels, and go minister to the sick.. or the naughty ;)

It was high time we visited the master of high gloss latex again and find out what’s new.

Kai conveniently has all the new stuff at the front of the store, making our job a lot easier.

So what’s new except for the Nurses outfit:

First there are the buckled garters in black, blood, gunmetal, midnight, pink, purple, red, white and wine, for 150 l$, i just love the look of these.

Next there is Sexy Sue, as shown in our third picture, available in black, blood, chocolate, darkgreen, gunmetal, midnigh, pink, red and wine for 250 l$, which include gloves, stockings, a minidress and a torselett.

Finally you will find sheer sin, Jessa a fifties looking lingerie set in amber, amethyst, diamond, emerald, onyx, rosequartz, ruby and sapphire for just 300L$.

So give PoC a look, it’s worth it and also check out the discount on the back wall, you never know what you might find there.

Name : Powers of Creation
Owner : Kai Heideman, Thoto Beerbaum


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