Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Think Kink - Ghoulslight and Changes at TK

Ilana gave me a call yesterday, with some big news about Think Kink : perms on all the TK toys are being switched from no copy + trans to copy + no trans.

Why is this big? Seems many dungeon toys are sold no copy + trans. If you have more than one dungeon, you buy the item multiple times.

To compensate this, copyable items are typically more expensive. This is not going to be the case at Think Kink, I hasten to add. Some pieces are even being reduced to 99L$ and joining a new “value” line.

Switching perms around gives everyone the option to have one toy at the dungeon and a copy at home. And at work. And at the country house. At the beach... ;)

It also protects you from loss : my gorgeous Motor Loon bike frequently vanishes in sim crossings, for example. It usually returns, but not always. As it’s copy + no trans, I don’t have a heart attack when this happens.

New improved low-lag vendors should give you another reason to visit the store ;)

Yes, it is as uncomfortable as it looks, really it is. *rubs her sore butt*

As with most Think Kink toys, you get the Perfect Pose system to give you that perfect fit every time.

Old favorites like the Graboid!, arousal control, access control and timers are also available through the easy menu.

The get button gives you a choice of the help notes, a whip, paddle, dildo, cuffs and the Think Kink RLV relay.

The candles are a nice touch, though they could have gotten better candles that don’t drip as much. i’m glad that wax comes off latex pretty easily. *winks*

And i left the best for last, it’s a free giveaway in the running Supernatural Hunt, so go and follow the leads, it will last till the end of the month.

Name : Think Kink
Owner : Lyssa Daehlie & Ilana Debevec


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