Friday, April 6, 2012

Dari's new Haus and Ponybound Challenge

Yes, yes, Dari’s new shop is [H]arsh, but a lot of us will remember the Haus name for a long time.

Darien is working hard on new and more awesome toys. It’s what makers do, they make. They can’t help it, it’s in the bone.

So while she’s working hard at making cool toys, she doesn’t have any time to devote to making a cool new store. Well, one of my good friends, Mel Melville, was kind enough to accept the commission.

The result is pretty darn awesome, fits all of Dari’s parameters, and warm and fuzzies were had by all. Drop by the shop and have a look for yourself :)

We received this note from Ponybound, and we’re passing it on to all the ponies in Second Life :

Are you up for a challenge?

For four weeks, Ponybound's store owners will be hosting a series of events that utilize the sim's training grounds.

First place winners will receive prizes that are early-release or limited-edition. Each Monday, the timers are reset and the event ends Saturday at noon (SL time).

Please give the builders a day or two to hand out prizes as they might not be online right away. Also, don't procrastinate...last-minute placings may not result in a prize. You do not have to be on the sim when prizes are handed out.

Events included in the challenge:

Walking Slalom:

Beginner Steeples:

Show Jump:

Carting Track:

Sky Jump:

Prizes include:
An RLV stable with animations and poses. ~ Donated by R&B Creations
A sexy latex outfit with collar, cuffs, and shoes. ~ Donated by [Claimed]
A custom equine art piece and photography pack. ~ Donated by Angel’s Touch
A non-rigged pair of mesh hooves. ~ Donated by Ponybound

Event starts April 9th. We hope to see you there!
~ Marius Caultard and Canary Twine

((We reserve the right to disqualify ponies suspected of cheating.))

So visit Ponybound and have fun!

Deirdre & lelo

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