Monday, April 9, 2012

Hugo's Design - Elle Generale

Here’s Hugo’s latest release - hey, it’s been days and days! ;)

Elle Generale is a latex military uniform for the bedroom. There are tons of ways to wear less than what I have there.

I kind of gave myself the challenge of wearing as many of the parts as possible. As a rule, you (for example) will not usually wear pasties on an overbust corset. Eh, we’ll call them medals ;)

As there are only two bottom clothing layers, you’ll need to resort to the tattoo layer if you want the cool smoky latex catsuit. I find the outfit a little drafty without it.

I already have tons of officer’s caps, so... someone make me a mesh leather trench coat and I’ll enlist!

“Attention, about face, double quick march”; seems Hugo has gone military on us.

If officers in the armed forces would look like this, i’m sure we would have world peace in no time. *winks*

It won’t be a surprise that the little bag is filled to the brim with clothes in all possible layers, 35 items in this case.

Some highlights are the industrial strength garterbelts, the lovely shoulder shawl and the medal pasties.

A great extra is the return of Hugo’s shades, we featured them years ago, but i still love the look of them.

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo


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