Thursday, April 5, 2012

Plausible Body - Flaunt Latex

We dropped by the cool little Plausible skybox shop, and landed in the middle of the jungle :) They have some fun wild skins, you’ll recall from our post.

But the outfits that caught my eye tonight aren’t new. New is good, and watch this spot for some cool new developments by Plausible soon, but it’s not our only criterion.

Flaunt Latex, then, is an awesome kit full of mix-and-match parts that the notecard says you can make 12 different outfits from; I sure believe it as lelo and I made a bunch of different ones to show you some of the variety and didn’t overlap - without particularly trying.

The colors are rich and bright, and there’s one top version (burnt, which I’m wearing here in purple) that features a dark outside and colored center which I think looks pretty amazing.

That top with the low-rise pants made me think of a yoga outfit, so I modeled it barefoot. Look closely at the only pic you’ll ever see of moi as a trendy 2012 yoga-soccer-mom ;)

A return to Plausible Body tonight, where Flaunt Latex caught our eyes.

Flaunt Latex doesn’t follow the open::price plan as the previous items we featured by Plausible, just like everything not on the ground floor in the jungle.

You get 12 cloth-layer items in the box as a base for some great mixing and matching.

Just add some heels, stockings and gloves and you got a great latex base for some fun outings.

There are 6 colors: gold, green, blue, crimson, purple, white and yellow, of which the gold in the burnt version is my personal favorite.

Ohh and go for the mega pack, six colors for the price of two, how can you go wrong.

Name : Plausible Body
Owner : Roslynd Turbo & Emilie Muggins


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