Monday, April 30, 2012

Red Devil - Persephone and Latex Bumble Bee

Some nice new releases from Red Devil this weekend, so we pounced on the opportunity to show you the yellow Latex Bumble Bee, which we had from the last time.

Out of the new release, the Persephone outfit caught my eye, so this is the one I’m modeling in this gorgeous royal blue.

There are 13 colors in Red Devil releases now, so you'll definitely want to drop by the shop and have a look.

This is mostly a clothes layer outfit, except for the simple but effective ballet-boot and ankle cuff combo.

Persephone is named after Dementia’s in-world daughter; one of those neat unnecessary bits of information I love to pass on to you when I hear them.

There’s other news at Red Devil; first, a move (we have the new slurl) and a cool little mall around the store.

Second, a new fetish club called Dark Orchid.

Run by Silamilu Yowahoshi (aka Peppermint Patty), an experienced club manager and SL DJ, it has a pretty unusual layout.

We look forward to dancing there to good live-DJ spun tunes soon :)

Bzzzz...Bzzzzz...Bzzzz..... sorry just couldn't let that one go by. *winks*

We ran the bumble bee a while back, but Dementia made a few important improvements to the outfit.

First of all it’s now available in yellow, how could she have missed that one before.

A second addition is that you now get the Red Devil ballet boots in the package, in both yellow and black.

All the old goodies are still there, like the harness and all possible layers to mix and match.

And most important of all, the lovely little stinger is still in the package.

So like i said before: Bzzz... Bzzz...Bzzz..

Name : Red Devil  
Owner : Dementia Razor

Price8 8
Service9 9

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