Friday, June 1, 2012

Catch It Fashion Show and SL9B

We got a note from Pad Cioc of Catch It announcing a fetish fashion show tomorrow (that’s Saturday June 2, 12PM SL time) at Forest of Samhain,  and we went to have a peek at the venue - we’re naughty that way ;)

The place looks great, and the show promises quite a bit of variety : the store teaming up with Catch It is Leather Induztry, exclusive leather for men.

We also took a moment to visit Darkadia’s fetish art show. The show is in the castle proper, so two tips : be patient, and make use of the teleporters. It’s ending soon, so don’t wait too long before dropping by.

SL9B is coming - Inara’s awesome “Living in a Modem World” blog is my source for serious info about viewers, Second Life, the universe and everything.

She faithfully reports the cool preparations going on, and linked to the official SL9B blog. The Angel of Death is a hoot, go visit just for the videos :)

The Key Dates page is worth keeping an eye on: “SL9B Opening & Keynote - 18th June 11AM, SLT” is probably the *key* key date ;)

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