Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Badkatz Clothing - No Problem

Yummy is still around :) It’s nice to see a store (and an old friend) stay in business so long.

Seems she’s known as Mrs. Corso now - I don’t know who Mr. Corso is, but he’s a lucky guy, cause Yummy’s a dear.

I wasn’t sure we’d still find fetishwear at her store, but her line of sexy leather dresses is still going strong - see third pic for a very good sample of her designs.

No Problem, which I’m wearing here, is a fun tlbd - tiny little black dress :)

The leather texture is grainy and shiny, and the zipper rivets say, this is a dress you can pull tight! Shirt and jacket layers for the top, pants layer for the bottom (don’t forget to wear undies), stockings and a prim skirt part make a nearly complete (if skimpy!) outfit - add boots and dance the night away.

Note teh cool logo kitteh on the bag when you unpack - I thought it was too cute not to share.  

We took a trip down memory lane a few weeks ago and wondered if Badkatz was still around.

Seems she was still around, but had moved to a smaller store on another sim.

The store is packed with all her lovely clothing, actually the vendors are packed with so much gear that it takes a while till everything is loaded.

She still has a Midnight Mania board, with a store gift card, a free gown and a magic chair in the store so a visit is worth the time.

For residents under 30 days she has a great offer, send her a note with your name, starting date and the name of the outfit you love and she will send it to you for free.

And if you have been around a bit longer and you have some free space with good traffic she offers affiliate vendors.  

Name : Badkatz Clothing
Owner : Yummy Freelunch
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wild%20Hogs/194/38/22

Service9 8

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