Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jaimie Earst Fashion - Eva Domme Fetish Set

More uniform goodness from Jaimie; I think she likes them as much as I do :)

The Eva Domme Fetish Set is a great latex-shine uniform, complemented by some great prims (the epaulets are awesome!), requiring only suitable footwear to finish the look.

The décolleté is generous, but not excessive. The colors are complemented with a black body underwear layer and stockings - you’re really getting two outfits there.

I had a bit of trouble fitting the cap, so be careful and take safety copies before you resize.

Gorgeous outfit, definitely going in my regular wear short list (at the front of the closet, you know).  

Somehow we missed the meeting about the uniforms, but they keep showing up at all kinds of designers, latest addition to the list is Jaimie Earst.

As shown here you can wear the uniform with pants or skirt where the skirt is mesh, so you get 3 shapes in 6 sizes each.

You also get a choices of two tops, with or without sleeves and there are panties and gloves included in the set.

The prim belt front makes for easy fitting and the epaulets or shoulder attachments, as Jaimie calls them, give the uniform some depth.

Best thing is the cap of course, finishes the uniform perfectly, so goose step your way to the closest bar and have fun. *winks*

Beware marching boots aren’t included in the set!

Name : Jaimie Earst Fashion
Owner : Jaimie Earst  
Quality8 8
Price8 8
Service9 8
Store9 8

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