Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Anima Temptation - Eleganza Blackshine and Discordia Ballo

Back to our regularly scheduled broadcast - but see the end of the post for my morning visit to SL9B!

I saw the cheapie version (violet!) of Eleganza advertised on Fetish Consolidated, and decided to go have a peek at the cool underground store at Pirandello Bay.

We were pleasantly surprised to see so many nice new designs, but as Adira said, it’s nearly a year since we last featured her. High time!

The shapes are gorgeous, and completely original. Bought sculpts don’t mean poor quality boots, but original gets higher marks from me.

Eleganza is the style of stiletto I love best, and could have been inspired by Fernando Berlin boots’  dagger heels and pointy toes.

The price is pretty awesome too : 240L$ instead of the regular 480L$. Pounce and tell Adira who sent you ;)

Yes, we managed to find some more ballets and you thought we had done them all.

Adira seems to have reworked her old ballet shape and i think it’s a good improvement.

The boots come in black, red and pink i’m wearing here, you can change the color of the sole of the boots with a simple chat command.

With the boots menu you can control the sound level, the size, the ao and finally the locking options that all good ballets should have.

A final fun, if dangerous, option controlled by the menu are the spurs, first time i see that on ballets, i’m sure there is a reason for that. *winks*

There is also a thigh high version of these boots and an ankle version that doesn’t have the spurs.

Name : Anima Temptation
Owner : Adira Aeon
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pirandello%20Bay/168/139/21

Quality9 8
Price8 8

I visited the amazing Lake Stage this morning. Built by Kazuhiro Aridian, it’s the first mesh stage to be used at a SL birthday celebration.

It’s absolutely huge, and my first thought when I saw it was dinosaur bones :)

I was lucky enough to catch a live performance, arriving without any particular planning.

Caoilte Skytower, aka Connor Savage, entertained a modest but appreciative crowd (hey, it was early for many of us!) with Irish ballads and drinking songs.

He pronounced my name correctly so I’m now a lifelong fan ;)

If you want to avoid trusting luck as I did, here's the event schedule :

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