Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bugshit Latex - TigerStripe Latex and TigerStripes

We hadn’t featured Bugshit in way too long - new tracking system at work, you see? - and we dropped in and were delighted to see new items.

They’re still at the low prices we remembered, too. I spent a lot of time in my old red Bugshit catsuit, way back when, so I definitely have a soft spot for this store.

The vendors are also old school. Expect up to a 15-minute delay for delivery (Did I tell you about our short production cycle? We were already thinking “plan B” when the catsuits arrived.)

But the cold sweat-inducing delay was worth it. Lelo and I now have fun, matching-but-not-same outfits to go dancing :)

Mine is TigerStripe Latex, the full catsuit with stripes cut out, and lelo’s is TigerStripes, the stripes with the catsuit cut out ;)

TigerStripe Latex comes in 15 colors, including some very neat metallic ones; the one I got tonight is Deep Red.

No tattoo layer for me, but underwear and outerwear versions make it unlikely there’s something you won’t be able to wear with Tiger if you want to mix and match.

To keep things straight Mistress is wearing the reverse and i’m in the standard tiger stripes, the old is a zebra white with black stripes or the reverse.

There are 12 items in my box, including the tattoo layer we so love.

There are 2 versions, one with stripes covering all the naughty bits, and the other, well that one doesn’t. *winks*

As you get all the layers you can wear the stripes on top a catsuit and give it an entire new look.

I’m walking around in skin tight latex all the time in SL, but this really makes me feel naked, i guess that will be a good thing for some of you.

Name : Bugshit Latex
Owner : ihaveabuginmyeye Oates


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