Friday, June 15, 2012

SL9B Press Tour

Blogging is a pretty demanding hobby. We don’t get paid, we work hard (ish), and we have pressure and deadlines.

They’re self imposed, but still; barring force majeure, we haven't missed a day in ages.

So we’re not opposed to the occasional perk. I admire movers and shakers, you know that by now; so meeting designers who create our Second Life is the basic perk for me.

This year, I decided to take more of an interest in the SL9B celebration. I blame Inara for me being generally better informed ;)

So, perk time : press pass! We’re going to be visiting the sims a bit ahead of the crowds on a guided tour, and we’ll slip in reports during the week.. you know, between the leather pants reviews.

Have a great weekend.

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