Thursday, June 28, 2012

Danish Design - Baroness Catsuit and Criss Cross Dream

We stopped by Pip’s lovely store and saw some great, inexpensive outfits.

Pip swears they’re old and musty, but I think they look terrific, so here I am, sharing them with you.

I’m wearing the Baroness catsuits, sold separately in black or red, and lelo has the Criss Cross Dream.

Good shine, and very good tints make the Baroness stand out, in black or red. The prim turned up collar looks great, and has a resize script for that perfect fit.

So while I enjoy a hot-off-the-press outfit as much as anyone, good quality is timeless. In the next post, I demonstrate that hot is cold, black is white, and dogs lie with cats.

La donna è mobile, you know? ;)

The Criss Cross Dream dress isn’t the newest design by Danish Design, but a girl can never have enough little black dresses.

Being a good little black dress it’s only available in good old black and has a slight shine to it, making it more acceptable in vanilla company.

The criss cross lace, which give the dress its name are on the front and back of the dress and on the included gloves.

You get the clothes layer parts of the dress in all layers, even if this isn’t really necessary, still it’s nice to have the option.

The prim filling to linden skirt gap is simple but fits very well in my case, just had to lower it a little bit.

So lovely little black dress for a nice price that shouldn’t miss in any closet.

Name : Danish Design
Owner : Pip1 Boa

Price8 8
Service9 8
Store9 8


  1. First I want to say, I love you guys for showing this side of SL and helping us keep up with what is new in this lifestyle. I love the format and rating scale you guys consistently use in your posts and I think consistency is wonderful. You have all the latest latex, fetish outfits, boots, and toys any Domme or subbie could hope for. However you both seem to always wear the same hair. It seems to be very outdated hair also. Especially now with all the new mesh hair that wont go into your shoulders and will move with your avatar. Do you think you guys might try some new more updated hair styles? I would be happy to go shopping with you to show you some great new mesh hair! =) Thanks, Lingerie Clip

  2. Hi Kirsten!

    First, thank you for the high praise, your own blog is awesome, I'm bookmarking it right now.

    The hair.. well. It's true that my Sirena hairdos are old, but I still love them. In particular, the fact that my bangs don't change from loose to updo to ponytail.. so ingenious :) And lelo loves her Kayliwulf curls, although she's hooded a lot of the time.

    If we ever get the desire to change, I'll definitely give you a shout!