Friday, June 29, 2012

Think Kink Reorg

More changes at Think Kink. You’d think bondage bunnies wouldn’t squirm around so much, but there it is ;)

First, if you have old no-copy toys that you want to trade in at a rebate, the deadline is July 8th.

Second, Serjourn Daxter, our friend from the Freedom Continent, joins Think Kink.

Along with Serj’s arrival, Think Kink becomes Think Kink Lifestyles; that is, the shop separates into boutiques which will serve specific interests.

Here’s the list :
  • DungeonWorks
  • PeopleWorks
  • GhoulWorks
  • PipeWorks
  • TechWorks
  • PetWorks
  • DollWorks
  • PonyWorks
  • Classics

Note the pets, dolls and ponies; pretty exciting stuff!

Stay tuned for upcoming new toys, and have a great weekend!

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