Wednesday, June 27, 2012

HybridZ - Bitch on WheelZ

We’re rarely disappointed when we drop by HybridZ. There was a cool motorcycle waiting in the entrance - well, once it rezzed ;)

This is Bitch on WheelZ, HybridZ’s first vehicle, I believe, and it’s got a lot of fun features, the most interesting for all you bondage bunnies probably being the chance to be hogtied on the baggage rack and taken along for a ride.

The poses menu takes a bit of getting used to; for example, to set the passenger poses, the driver must choose Position, Passenger, Drive, and Poses.

Every pose can be adjusted (up, down, forward, back, and tilt), so I got a decent fit for my long legs on the pegs without losing grip on the handlebars.

The bike’s construction is quite good, and reminds me of the Orange County Choppers. I love the little details: heat-blued pipes and the HYBRIDZ vanity plate, for example :)

The price is quite low for a vehicle that comes with so many fun bondage features. So get yourself some good riding leathers and drop by HybridZ.

Ok what do you get when a fetish designer wants to build a bike, well normally you get a pretty much standard bike with some great poses for the passenger.

Well there are six more or less uncomfortable poses for the passenger so that part is as expected.

But there it ends, making vehicles move in SL is art in itself and not everyone can get it right.

This bike comes pretty close to the handling of the professional bikes in SL, just don’t touch the turbo button.

In turbo mode the bike goes faster than the sim crossings in SL can handle, so you are warned.

You also get a fun flight mode taking you back into the future.

So want to take your loved one on a summers drive around the linden roads, here’s your bike.

Name : HybridZ
Owner : Fyre Furse & Natalie Serapis

Price8 8

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