Tuesday, October 9, 2012

True Connect - New SL Introduction Service

We dropped by Hybridz during our shopping rounds, and noticed a True Connect terminal.

Didn’t think too much of it - new things pop up all the time, right?

But then we visited Latex Web, and lo; a True Connect terminal. Well Mariko Demonia was on, I called her and got caught up - she’s a sweetie and we hadn’t talked in a while.

Then she gushed about True Connect and revealed that it was a Kailani Ling project, and she was really excited about it.

Truth is, a good kinky introduction service is something that is very badly needed in Second Life. There are so many subs looking for dommes, ponies looking for trainers, and furries looking for snuggles, it’s not even funny.

The terminals hand out a simple HUD item, which will let you call up a menu and fill in your information (in 144 questions!), then will keep looking for new matches while flashing ads.

From the notecard :
The HUD will display a count of your potential matches, or (for a fee) the names.

1) To display just the Count, once your profile is stored, click on Match and then COUNT. The number will be displayed above the HUD.

2) To display the names of matches, click on MATCH and then MATCH.

3) Current connections. Click on MATCH and then on Connections to display the individuals for whom you've currently paid to connect to.
Good luck to Kailani with her new business venture!

The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pattaya%20Island/23/38/23

PS : Kailani called (and folks commented!) to mention that Gerritt had done the backend work. Credit where it is due!


  1. Gerritt Resident scripted this service. Props to him as well please :)