Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Deirdre and lelo’s Fetish Spot is Open!

We arranged, with a lot of help from our good friends, to secure some land in the middle of Freedom Continent for a new fetish hangout.

What’s more, another awesome friend came to us with a very neat suggestion:

"Put up cheapies from the best fetish designers as a draw, so visitors can chat, people-watch, and lay hands on cool inexpensive outfits all at the same time." 

It took time - we have busy first and second lives! - but we’re finally almost there.

In the coming weeks you’ll see the walls fill with items, all on sale at the same insanely low price of L$10.

We’ll announce new cheapies on the Friday post every week, so keep an eye on those even if you’re not a lolcat lover.

But that’s just a start! We’ll have events such as fashion shows and meet-and-greets with famous designers, and more, as soon as we think them up!

The theme will be fetish, of course.. and if I see someone wearing jeans, they better have a matching denim hood, is all I have to say on that subject ;)

Here’s the SLURL:

See you there!

Deirdre and lelo

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