Thursday, December 6, 2012

Latex Web Inc. - Latex Gown 2.0 and Lil’ Black Dress

Some nice shiny dresses from Latex Web tonight: I’m wearing the mesh Latex Gown 2.0, and lelo’s wearing Lil’ Black Dress. You’ll have no trouble telling them apart ;)

LG 2.0 has a more muted shine than the strapless Latex Gown by Latex Web (which gets auto-renumbered 1.0!), and Mariko tells me she used some pretty fancy techniques to create the textures.

The optional shoulder puffs (they really run all down the arms, but that’s what they’re called) are pretty spectacular, giving an original look to the excellent mesh gown.

There are wrist flexies, matching the gown bottom, but I skipped them in our pics. Some gothic makeup is also included, but I’m pretty picky about these things.

Add some nice big, black, Evil Queen Of The Night hair, some wicked heels, and you’re all set :)

It’s been awhile since we featured Latex Web so it was high time to check in on them.

The Latex Gown is a new one and the LBD is a bit older but seemed like a great addition.

Lil’ is good but this isn’t much more than a long top, you can almost see my bellybutton. *winks*

You can wear the string, top or dress which come in all layers except the tattoo layer.

There is a fun little prim bulge for the in the thong to serve the crossdressing crowd and there are implant helpers for most brands in SL.

The rear of the dress looks great with the lacing and the way it splits open to expose the thong.

So looking for a shiny black dress that will get you kicked out of most PG place? Here’s your best bet. *smiles*

Name : Latex Web Inc.
Owner : Mariko Demonia

Price8 8
Service8 8
Store9 8

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