Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Graves - Obedience

A gorgeous fetish slave outfit from Graves tonight, this is Obedience.

Oh, I suppose that when you’re a Mistress you can wear anything. “How daring, this Mistress is baring her breasts!” “Oh, that poor humiliated slavegirl’s breasts are exposed!” All in the point of view ;)

This said, many of us would agree that some outfits are more often worn by subs. “I look forward to your letters” as Craig Ferguson likes to say ;)

Obedience would definitely be one of those. Between the transparency, cutouts, cuffs, collar and bits of chain, I think there’s no danger of confusion.

The main outfit’s texture is a mix of very good latex shine, overlaying a small honeycomb pattern - smaller than the one on Devotion, say.

Add some heels and go serve your dominant in style :)

Time for some SF latex, courtesy of Jackie Graves tonight with a lovely body called Obedience.

Guess who got to wear that one for the pictures? yep, you guessed right, yours truly pulled the short straw. *winks*

The outfit follows the usual Graves design lines, great looking cloth layer which is brought to life by well designed prim parts, sounds easy, but it’s an art, i can assure you.

19 cloth layer parts in this one, amazing when you consider how much flesh is still exposed.

You get 2 options, opened or closed, in every layer including tattoo, so happy mixing.

There are also matching gloves and stockings and for a bit of modesty nipple covers.

8 prims are added all around the body, giving you a pretty nice collection of d-rings and carabiners, though no climbing rope is included. *winks*

All prim parts are copy and come with a deletable resizer for easy fitting, not that i had to do much fitting with this one.

This outfit works as a standalone or you can use it to build bigger and better outfits with your other Graves outfits.

Name : Graves
Owner : Jackie Graves

Quality9 9
Price8 8
Service9 9
Store8 8

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