Friday, December 7, 2012

DeVicious Days of Christmas Countdown and Fetish Spot is Rolling!

We started inviting designers to put up cheapies at the Fetish Spot, and as usually happens, I got to yakking with them. If you’re not sociable, SL isn’t for you, I always say ;)

Steph Catseye, of DeVicious, is doing a pretty amazing “Christmas Calendar”, where she is releasing a new outfit every day a new outfit until the 24th.

That’s right, all previously unreleased items, all leather and latex. But wait! ;) The even better news is that all outfits are priced from 0 to 99L$.

The outfits will go in the 2013 DeVicious line at regular price, so this is a limited time deal.

Regarding the Fetish Spot: we already have vendors up, and sales have started. We figure it’s got to be to regular readers - who else would know? :)

Here’s the list of stores that have items up for sale. Remember, whatever the vendor images say, everything is at 10L$

Domina’s Duo
Karu Karu
Red Devil

Speaking of, we heard from Sian Bury; she was pleased to get a location to put up a vendor, since she no longer keeps a store, just Marketplace.

Have a great weekend!
Deirdre and lelo

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