Monday, December 10, 2012

EdelFabrik - JayBee Dieciseis Outfit

One of the good aspects of our Fetish Spot project is that it got us talking to old friends.

Sarah91 came by and put up one of her awesome pink jackets, but then showed me this gorgeous new leather one, so I’m pretty happy to be able to show it to you tonight.

This new mesh jacket has the most amazing stressed leather texture, looking like a fifties biker jacket.

The signature EdelFabrik letters on the back follow the folds and look great too.

You can wear the jacket with an included blouse (in a bunch of versions, I’m showing you the knotted one) or in a mesh jacket and sweater combo.

If you go for the sweater, a hud lets you pick 20 different tops, some with pretty funny messages. The sweater covers the low-rise jeans and thong if you’re self-conscious ;)

Dieciseis (sixteen) is a full outfit, including jeans, thong, shoes (I hung on to my boots here but if you like flats they look fine). There’s even a tan lines tattoo included, and a cool necklace which looks like pretty fierce javelins while it rezzes ;)

Drop by EdelFabrik and tell Sarah who sent you!

Some lovely Mesh tonight in the form of a great looking leather jacket from EdelFabrik.

We ran EdelFabrik before and as we said back then, it’s not quite fetish which she produces, but Mistress just can’t resist a good looking leather jacket.

And this jacket does look very good, the cut is good and the texture is just amazing, a weathered leather jacket like this would cost you an arm and a leg in RL.

But not at EdelFabrik, you can buy the entire outfit for 289L$, but wait for a limited time only you can get all 3 colors, black, coral pink and white for just 429L$.

Doesn’t that sound like an informercial, well i hope it does, because these jackets look great and at those price a no brainer.. are you still here?.. *winks*

Name : EdelFabrik
Owner : Sarah91 Tremor


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