Monday, December 3, 2012

XTC - Ultimatum Leather Outfit

Another amazing release from XTC, this is Ultimatum, a full outfit with a ton of variations.

I’m wearing the basics: leather jacket and pants. The texture is exceptional, as usual. Yeah, that’s not mathematical but it’s true :)

Soon as I put Ultimatum on, I thought, oh, this could become a regular outfit. (My friends see me wearing Pegasus often enough to assume it’s now part of my skin.. that’s what I mean by regular.)

The detail level is great, and you can see the studs, zips, even the zipper tab quite clearly from a good distance.

The stud patterns on the arms remind me of early North Beach Leather; same feel of classy mixed with biker.

The metallic-look sweater and bikini are pretty cool, and lelo pried off her latex briefly to model it ;)

She also modeled the gloves, since they kind of turn the jacket into a catsuit top from a distance - you may or may not want that look.

See Xav’s excellent vendor pic for pretty much all the options, he’s good that way.

Another round of leather tonight and this time i’m not sitting it out, but then this is XTC Leather.

There are 9 items in the kit, giving you quite a few options, lets start with the bikini, yes there is one and to make things more interesting for you bondage bunnies, it’s knitted metal.

To cover up the bikini you get a sweater and once again knitted metal, don’t complain if it’s an itchy sweater, we did warn you. *winks*

Two prim sleeves give the sweater life and a realistic look.

Next comes the leather in the form of pants, jacket and matching gloves, wear them all and you get a very good catsuit look.

The pants offer a open version, though you do need suspender belts or the pants will be around your ankles in no time. *smiles*

Name : XTC Leather
Owner : Xaviar Thunders

Quality9 9
Price8 8
Service9 8
Store9 9

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