Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kcreations - Panel Dress

Kat keeps her mesh streak going strong with this gorgeous leather sleeveless dress, called simply Panel Dress. I have to talk to her about jazzing up those names ;)

Kat knows shapes. I always try on mesh without alphas, and the XS fit me 98% out of the box.

Speaking of alphas, she has thoughtfully included the textures, full mod, for us users of older viewers.

Stacking alphas is one feature I look forward to when we let go of Phoenix, on avatar baking release day; but we’re not holding our breath, to say the least.

If the amazing tints you get on your new leather dress from the included HUD aren't enough, an inexpensive Antique Leather Texture Pack is available with four awesome leather textures. I’m wearing the darkest (chocolate!) in our second pic.

In other cool news, after years - and years and years ;) - of keeping a stall at Little Shop of Kink, Kat built a cute little skybox store at Lineside; that is, the LSK sim, so clearly she’s still in good terms there. Do drop by and visit

A neat mesh dress by the queen of free catsuits, Kat Fetisov, tonight.

The dress comes in 5 sizes and as Mistress already said, the shape is very good, though i did have to lower my breasts for the perfect fit.

The shape is great but that’s not what makes this dress special, the special part are the texture you get with dress.

You can select PVC/latex, leather and there is a antique leather texture pack, each of which come with 32 color textures and a tint and shine option.

But this is not where it ends, there is also a texture developer’s kit, which allows you to make your own textures and she even allows you to sell them, just have your customer buy the dress from her.

Smart isn’t she... *winks*

Name : Kcreations
Owner : Kat Fetisov
The (new main store) SLURL :

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