Monday, January 28, 2013

Hugo’s Design - Yali Set 1

Here’s Hugo’s latest release, an expanded Yali set, with a little more coverage than the first installment.

While the main part of the first Yali was a body, heavy on the lace, this one is pants and a cap sleeve top.

Oh, it’s all open so you’ll have to wear quite a few bits to be decent, but it does work.

The front zipper is reprised on the gloves, which are shoulder-length in this set.

As with other Hugo series, having them all will give you a ton of mix and match options.

Careful with the yellow - it’s bright! :)

A second installment of the Yali saga by Hugo’s Design tonight and yes it’s just as skimpy as the first one. *winks*

As this is a set you get more parts in the folder, 26 in this case, as usual every layer is included from tattoo to jacket.

I went for the bikini with the stockings and gloves, were Mistress went for the fully clothed version with the capped sleeves and the chaps.

You also can go for a long sleeved version and the mandatory open versions that are always included in the Hugo clothing.

So another addition to your collection of matchable Hugo’s clothing, isn’t that what we all love about Hugo’s Designs, we could fill pages of combinations. *smiles*

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo


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