Friday, January 25, 2013

Moving Friday

It’s moving Friday in the SL fetish community, if you feel like generalizing from two points - hey, the media do it all the time, but I’m upfront with my data, at least ;)

Think Kink moves to Pirandello Bay, as we hinted two weeks back - but that’s not all.

Serjourn Daxter, our friend and the prime mover behind Freedom Continent, joins the Think Kink and takes over management, marketing, and all non technical aspects, freeing the girls to focus on creating the high tech naughty toys we love.

Dark Elf Manufacturing officially merges with Think Kink, too. They’ve been sharing space forever, this makes things official. Congratulations on all the cool improvements, TK!

The other big move is Latex Station, who changed servers to resolve some issues. The store keeps the same lovely new look (bye bye space station!) and will be finished tomorrow but I got Cindy’s permission to tell you now ;)

The new SLURL:

Have a great weekend!

Deirdre and lelo

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