Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DeVicious - Never Gone Mesh Leather Dress

Everyone loves a little black dress; even more so when it’s a little black leather dress. How about when it’s 30 of them?

That’s what’s in the box of Never Gone, the latest DeVicious release.

By using a clever set of HUD’s, Steph squeezed in 30 different looks for her cool new mesh dress. More than that if you want to count turning shine on or off.

The three HUD’s give you Single Colors, Mixed Colors, or Tribal Patterns.

Sadly, you only get three different pairs of boots ;)

What else? Face lights, a professional pose stand - none of that amateur stuff, you understand.

Drop by the new store to get your Big Fat Gift Box # 2. It contains 3 free outfits: Flirtatious (in 3 colors), Tangled in Romance (in 4 colors), and Ventilated (in 7 colors).

Some lovely mesh tonight, in the form of a box full of dresses and boots, from Steph at DeVicious.

The sixties style dress comes in 5 sizes and you get 3 HUD’s with 10 texturing options per HUD.

The included boots also come in 5 sizes but these “only” come in 3 colors. *sighs, life is hard, winks*

You get 3 alpha’s, dress, boots and dress and boots, i’m glad at least some still take care of us dinosaurs that still use the old viewers.

Finally you will find the usual support HUD, face and body light and pose stand in the pack.

So planning a sixties party or just looking for a great looking outfit for little money, DeVicious it the place to visit.

Name : DeVicious
Owner : Steph Catseye

Price9 9
Service8 8
Store7 7

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