Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Inflatable Technologies - Ballooned Girl Avatar

We saw a curious sight at Mesmerize Dungeon a few weeks back, and tracked down the designer thanks to the friendly assistance of Transann and her girl Tia Pausch.

Tia was floating at the end of her string, bobbing gently up and down in her helium inflated suit.

Well, it’s not everyday that we see something new in the way of fetish in SL. I don’t mean that we’re jaded, but we’ve been looking for a *long* time.

Helium Loon, the creator of the Ballooned Girl, seemed pretty happy to hear from us, and lelo was soon wrapped in her new balloon suit :)

In our first pic, you see lelo anchored to an included post. There is also a standard leash holder (the string handle!) included.

The 10 built-in colors are actual textures, and look really good under the light shine; a very good piece of work, nicely suggesting a real inflated balloon.

I was surprised to see the fingers and toes poking out, but that seems to be part of the design - mesh fingers, not a bug because lelo is too tall.

Visit Helium’s shop to see the rest of his clever inflatable RLV devices - but be careful what you touch ;)

Well here is something you don’t see every day and maybe the beginning of a new trend in SL, a ballooned girl avatar.

In the box you get the mesh body, two versions of hair, a string handle and post and a couple of alphas to hide the real you.

Control is quite straightforward with a simple menu, and as you should know by now simple means good.

The menu lets you set the texture of the balloon, lock in the vic.. girl, grab the leash and set all the RLV goodies. There is also a timer function if you want to in time set your girl free.

When you set an owner, all control is taken from the wearer and in RLV you can be totally isolated.

So run, run , run and you’ll be floating in no time.

Name : Inflatable Technologies
Owner : Helium Loon
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Occam%20Isle/84/237/22


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