Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hugo’s Design - Lynk

If you like ring harnesses like Wilo and Wila (which we featured in 2011!), you’ll love Lynk, a fun chain and ring latex bikini.

The small O-rings that make the bulk of the harness are connected by chains, for a cool silver effect. Large O-rings around the breasts and the crotch ring support the latex bikini part.

Since the rings and chains are silver, Lynk looks amazing over a dark catsuit (the catsuit will need to be underwear layer, though).

Open version, not shown, is simply the metal without the bikini parts.

Lola appliers are available for Lynk, although you’ll need to get the HUD separately.

A fun harness outfit with lots of possibilities, get Lynk for the exhibitionist in your life :)

Another week, another Hugo’s, seems Erik has found his way back to Photoshop and he manages to keep his latex usage to a minimum. *winks*

There are 8 tattoo layers in the Lynk package, giving you options for opened and closed bottoms, the bikini styled top we show here or a ringed top version.

It won’t surprise you that Mister Erik supplies you with all the options in all possible layers, we really should start calling him Mister mix and match.

You will also find matching gloves and stockings in the package, i’m still a big fan of his seamed stocking, i’m an old fashioned girl i guess.

So another bag of good looking, doesn’t hide much, with the option to hide even less, clothing from our favorite latex cutter.

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sheer/202/130/23

Price8 7

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