Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stars Fashion - Princess Alba

It’s a while since this happened, but here’s a cool outfit we saw someone wearing at Mesmerize Dungeon.

I personally think that calling up someone and saying “Love your outfit” is a nice way to engage conversation - I have quite a few friends I met that way over the years. So a big hello to IlsaTigress and thanks for the cool lead :)

Princess Alba is a nice, inexpensive outfit built around a very good white leather jacket.

The belt actually resizes properly, not sporting any tiny prims that prevent shrinking beyond a certain point.

(My oldest grudge in SL is over a belt that I couldn’t resize to fit me, and the incredibly rude store manager who said it was my fault. She refunded my purchase and I promised her I would never trouble her with my business again.)

The boots are mesh, and on the small side. I’m wearing the medium size here. There is an alpha matching each of the five sizes, quite intelligent.

One item in the box gave me a chuckle.. well, it’s a very SL thing to say, lelo remarked. The tanga string is marked “optional” ;)

You might know that Mistress just can’t let a good looking jacket go by.

When she saw the Princess Alba outfit she was half sold, the low price tag did the rest.

The jacket is proof that sculpts aren’t dead yet, there is still a place for good sculpts in SL.

The dress is super short and i have to disagree with Stars, who says the tanga slip is optional, it isn’t with skirts this short Stars. *winks*

The combo with the jacket, belt, boot and skirt work very well, even if the boots remind me of Klingon battle boots, at this price you can’t go wrong.

Name : Stars Fashion
Owner : Stars Aichi


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