Thursday, May 16, 2013

DeVicious - Vanity And Intuition Dress

Good thing I wear leather gloves a lot - this one is so hot off the press I could have burned my fingers. If you want to see what I mean, check out the date on our third pic ;)

The dress in our first pic is Vanity, and the XS size fits me like a glove, no alpha needed. Three texture HUDs give 20 Mixed Fabrics (1 and 2) and 10 Leather Dresses; we’re wearing the latter here.

The leather texture is good up close, our full-body pictures don’t do it justice. The scrunchy boots are fun and give a great club look.

Intuition, the second dress, did require me to wear the alpha for a good fit. The gorgeous folds and stitching on the leather textures really make this one stand out.

The same scrunchy boots are included, and the folds stand out better in white.

It seems that Hardline, the first DeVicious outfit we featured in 2011, is one of the most-downloaded items on Marketplace - 118,000 times!

It’s still free, and now red is included along with the black. Pick it up here:

And just for fun, here’s a prediction I made back then, which I believe came true in a way that places me in the top psychics in America:

“Keep an eye on DeVicious.. it’s going places, and we’ll be here to show you the cool new designs as they arrive :)”

These are two of the newest mesh dresses from Steph at DeVicious, it’s hard to keep up with her.

Vanity comes with 5 boots in black, blue, pink, red and white, the Intuition sadly only gives you the black and white boots.

Once again it amazes me how she can include boots this good for free in the kit, other designers would charge you quite a bit of money for them.

The Vanity has an amazing fit, i did have to resize my girls a bit but it’s well worth it to wear this dress without the alpha layer.

One bit of warning, not wearing alpha means you’ll need some underwear, especially in SL with it’s cam freedom. *winks*

Name : DeVicious
Owner : Steph Catseye

Quality9 8
Price9 9
Service8 8
Store7 7

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