Monday, July 1, 2013

New Introduction Board at Rubber Room

First, the Rubber Room club is still around.
("Good news, everyone!") ;)

Durability in a fetish spot in Second Life - in any spot in SL, really - is a pretty admirable thing, so I thought I’d start by mentioning that.

RR has a nice little mall, and as we were doing our Sunday shopping, I peeked in the club and saw that Rubber Robonaught had put up an introduction board.

The price to put up an ad is nominal: 10L$ a week, utter peanuts.

To place an ad, you write a little bio notecard, drop in a full-perm picture, and Robert est ton oncle, as they say in France.

Those ads are only seen by local visitors, of course; but hangouts have a way of attracting like-minded people, so maybe it’s for the best.

So if you’re looking to meet someone who is likely to visit Rubber Room.. I’d say don’t wait :)

The Rubber Rooms SLURL:

PS: Deirdre here - the board is gone but see this post for another one! 

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