Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kcreations - Peplum Dress

The Kcreations Peplum Dress has arrived! Kat’s been working on it for a good while, and I kept an eye on the developments in her blog.

Kat worries her names aren’t original enough, but eh. If confusion ever sets in, call me and I’ll set you straight. (The Dragon Dress? That’s the one with a dragon printed on it. The Peplum Dress? Yeah, there you go, you got it.)

Peplums are making a comeback, and Kat mentioned that she was interested in creating things that weren’t “... entirely kinky and maybe just a bit fashionable”, as she put it.

Well I loved peplums in the eighties (anyone remember Carushka, or is it just me?) and I love them now.

The shirt collar is tintable, down to the buttons. I don’t hate it, but the dress would be more versatile if it was hideable like the skirt.

The texture is amazing already; Kat’s creations should be just mind-blowing when materials processing arrives.

Kat’s been busy again and came up with a new mesh dress, sporting her lovely leather texture.

The dress comes in 5 sizes and should fit most without the use of the included alpha for the waist.

The fun part with this dress is the included HUD which lets you control the colors of the separate parts of the dress.

You get 33 preset colors and there is a tint picker so you can make your own colors.

The HUD also controls the shine of the texture and makes it possible for you to hide the skirt part so you can wear the top with some pants.

Fashionable leather multi colored dress with a great fit... you still here??? *winks*

Name : Kcreations
Owner : Kat Fetisov

Quality9 9
Price9 8
Service9 8
Store8 8

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