Thursday, June 13, 2013

Vendom - My Succubi Valentine

A cool tip from Pantyhose Slavicz, one of our regular readers and tipsters, brought us back to Vendom after quite some years - our last post was in August 2009!

Vendalia is still around, I was pleased to discover, and still cranking out her unique brand of demonic outfits.

My Succubi Valentine is a little more subdued than some other Vendom outfits, but it has that same mix of sexy and scary we liked then and like now.

Wearing the included shape makes everything fall into place easily, from fangs to fingernails. You’ll just need hair and skin. Lelo didn’t even need to use it; seems my love is succubus-shaped ;)

I noticed a vendor full of video game girls cosplay avatars when I visited the store; if Cammi, Chun Li and other popular characters are your thing, they’re in the second vendor once you’re up the stairs.

Ok, Valentine is a while back but we just had to show you this outfit from Vendalia at Vendom.

Though calling it an outfit might be a bit weak as this is one packed folder, giving you 35 items in all.

You get 5 clothes items which don’t hide very much, the mesh corset comes in 5 sizes and has 3 different alphas so it should fit most.

You also get a pair of cool-looking shoes in the package, these would cost you a fair penny when bought separately.

A lovely collection of skulled cuffs and wings give the outfit the right demonic feel.

There are even green eyes, fangs, nails and prim lashes included with the outfit, as well as a petite demon shape.

Finally you will find appliers for eboobs, Lolas and universal making for that busty look most of you seem to enjoy. *smiles*

Valentine day or not, this is a great looking outfit, remove the fangs, wings and cuffs and you’ll have an outfit that will even work in sunlight. *winks*

Owner : Vendalia Foxtrot

Quality8 8
Price8 8
Service9 7
Store8 8

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